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Joe Beane

Anderson, Indiana

Joe joins us with a lifetime of hospitality experience. As a 15-year-old, Joe was up for any job to make some extra spending money and found himself working at his local pizzeria washing dishes. From there Joe moved to line cook, and eventually server, before moving into a couple of other cook and server jobs during his time at Ball State University where he studied for his major in business.

Joe’s first inspiration in the business was a talented bartender with a great personality who executed her duties with pride and purpose. Moving to Florida in 1996 to escape the cold winters and explore new opportunities — starting over as server at a locally owned Seafood and Oyster house — Joe worked to become head server, and then bartender, before taking a management position. From there Joe ultimately assisted with establishing a new casual dining concept and launched a new local-inspired dining concept on the infamous 30A that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico.  

Joe has had a very gratifying career, and specifically loves the fact that the biggest part of his job is throwing a party every day. He takes much pride in the feedback he has received from the community over the past two years, and enjoys working with Jim and having a place to apply his deep, local knowledge of the wine, food, style, and scene. Joe says he has met many skilled and passionate service professionals throughout the years, and owes much thanks — to the talented chefs, managers, sommeliers, and owners he has worked alongside — for his knowledge and experience. 

Joe is often recognized for his dedication to the restaurant, and so it’s no surprise that he continues to be inspired by people who take pride in doing their job well. The manager who inspired Joe the most was one he never worked for. This manager was managing a beautiful and well-orchestrated restaurant in Park City, Utah, and although extremely busy, he took time to speak with Joe and the other guests at the table with elegant charm and a genuine smile. Joe recalls that personal experience frequently, and to this day, judges himself to that standard.  

When he’s not working, Joe enjoys spending time with his grown family and young grandson.