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Lisa McKiernan

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Lisa is as passionate about providing a great experience to restaurant guests as she is about her relationship with each member of her team.

Inspired by her own Father’s 30-plus years as a professional chef in Atlantic City, Lisa entered the hospitality industry as a hostess when she was seventeen — before transitioning to server at a gourmet Italian cuisine restaurant in New Jersey.

It was from this same Italian restaurant that Lisa says she was fortunate enough to work alongside another industry mentor for over four years. Lisa can recall being inspired by how Danielle, her General Manager, demonstrated hustle, commitment, and dedication to her role, which left a lasting impression on Lisa, especially because she knew the circumstances from where her GM had come. Lisa draws from her time working alongside Danielle during those challenging days.

Full of ambition, an adventurer’s spirit, and added organizational and administrative skills gained from her time working at her family’s gutter business, Lisa moved to South Walton to explore new territories — securing a server’s position in a waterfront restaurant, Lisa also got assigned with management duties about a year before joining the management team for a popular, family-owned, high-volume restaurant.

After joining The Bay as a server, one of Lisa’s proudest moments has been being appointed a position on the management team. The most rewarding part of the job for Lisa is her relationship with each member of her team. Driven to positively impact their success and happiness, Lisa leads to inspire the sense of accomplishment, independence, and mentorship that Lisa herself experienced growing into her own personal and professional life.

When not at the restaurant, you can find Lisa relaxing outside in the sun, on the beach, meeting friends for food and drinks, and singing at karaoke.