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Brian McCommon

Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Brian’s first position in the service industry—at 16 years old—was as a stock associate in a large department store. A few short months later, Brian joined the food service industry assembling pizzas for one of the largest pizza delivery chain restaurants in America. After two and half years, at the age of only 19, Brian was awarded his own store for expanding revenue while he worked as the pizza cook. His own store continued to stand out in the company’s sales rankings.

With a good knowledge of business and an optimistic attitude, Brian stepped into his next challenge of being a stockbroker for several years before the economy began to fall into crisis, which prompted Brian to redirect his career.

From Georgia, Brian moved to Panama City Beach, where he served, bartended, and held a management position at a vibrant Caribbean-style seafood restaurant with gulf views. He joined the server team at The Bay before hopping back into management.

Brian loves some good sci-fi, reading personal development books, playing golf, and attending live sporting events when he can. Some of Brian’s proudest moments in life are when his children demonstrate what good human beings they have become.